Spatula tiles
Handmade tiles from Italy
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Spatula Tiles

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Spatula tiles

Spatula tiles form a collection of double-baked ceramic tiles that combine a contemporary style with handcrafts. The name comes from the tool that is used to spread the enamel on the bisque, the spatula, which involves a manual intervention and gives an irregular and unique appearance to each tile. The Spatula collection represents a fusion of high craftsmanship with design, they have warm and natural colors, including metallics, matte glaze, glossy glaze, and emphasize the raw material from which it is composed.

Forms and dimensions

At the moment we sell the Spatula's in the dimension 20x10 cm. Each tile has a unique appearance. Due to the slightly inverted edges these tiles can be placed very tightly, and without joints against each other. We recommend a minimum joint of 1 to 2 mm in wet areas.

Delivery time

The delivery time, if not in stock, is approximately 2 weeks from the factory to our warehouse in Breda, The Netherlands.


Handmade tiles, or tiles with a so-called hand form are very popular. Nevertheless, there are many tiles that are manufactured by machines. With the Spatula tiles, the manual work is clearly visible but does not compromise on quality. In fact, the bisque (clay base) is of a very high quality so that we can speak of a durable tile. The beautiful contemporary colors in which these tiles are available provide a new generation of exclusive wall tiles, unique in its kind!