Azulejos Creme T-2
Art.nr: 00802701086, Type: Wall, dimensions 10 x 10 x 1 cm

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Azulejos Creme T-2 is a handmade Spanish wall tile of 10.00x10.00 cm of the brand Azule. It is a smooth tile with a particularly vivid surface and bright colors. The thiles are available in different sizes. This tile can be applied on the wall in both wet or hot areas, mostly seen as a kitchen wall, behind the fireplace or as a bathroom tile. Spanish tiles are by definition cracked wall tiles, meaning that hairline cracks can occur in the top surface of the tiles. This is inherent to the product and has no influence on the life of the tiles.
Category Spanish tiles
Type smooth tile
Dimensions 10 x 10 x 1 cm
Weight 12,50 kg per m2, inf kg per piece
Suitable for Wall
Suitable for Walltile
Material Ceramics
Process Baked, Glazed
Area Inside
Heat-resistant Yes
Frost resistant No
Surface Smooth
Finish Gloss
Needs to be impregnated No
Cleaning All-purpose cleaner
Color group White
Origin Spain
Possible color difference per tile minimal
Rectifyed No
Order Per box
Pieces per box 100
Pieces per m2 100
M2 per box 1

Order and delivery options:

We deliver world wide. If you want to know the costs of the transportation contact us by email with your home address.
We have to confirm the price with the transport company and get back with a quote for you.

The transport costs outside the Netherlands starts from € 60, -
Sample orders (up to 4 tiles) will be send by DHL, and are also different in each country.
Order the samples and we will calculate the costs for you.

The Spanish tile can be ordered per whole box. See the specifications for the quantity per box.

Read all about our ordering information here.

Placing Spanish tiles:

Spanish tiles are ceramic tiles and can only be placed against the wall.
These tiles can be placed with standard glue and grout and do not require additional treatment products.
It is important to read our instructions before you start placing.

View or download our instructions here.

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