Azulejos Amarillo dimensions 10x10 x0.8

€ 89,50 per m2 incl VAT
0,90 per piece incl VAT

Product information

Azulejos Amarillo is a handmade Spanish wall tile of 10.00x10.00 cm of the brand Azule. It is a smooth tile with a particularly vivid surface and bright colors. The Azulejos are available in different sizes. This tile can be applied on the wall in both wet or hot areas, mostly seen as a kitchen wall, behind the fireplace or as a bathroom tile. For craquelé tiles, tiles with an aged surface where small cracks in the glaze can be seen, pay attention with grouting! During grouting, only grout the joints and not the entire tile surface. Otherwise, the grout will settle in the small cracks which will be visible later on. It is also possible to impregnate the tiles to make them extra resistant to external influences.


  • Category

    Spanish tile

  • Type smooth tile
  • Dimensions 10,00 x 10,00 cm, 0,80 cm deep
  • Suitable for Wall