Mosaic tile

Mosaic tiles

Marble mosaic in different shapes and colors, conveniently glued on mats. This is a product line that has been developed for an Amsterdam fashion chain, but that was later developed into different variants, shapes and colors. The nice thing about Marble mosaic is that it is a durable handmade product with lots of possibilities. The look is chic and stately and lasts a lifetime. Marble mosaic will only become more beautiful after a while.

Handmade perfection

The mosaic is glued on mats. All individual pieces were cut by hand and then glued to a mat via a template. This intensive work process gives a beautiful lively look to a floor. Colors can change per delivery because the marble that comes from the quarries can always have a slightly different color.

Forms and sizes

The mats usually have a size of about 30x30 cm and are easy to process. The loose stones often have a hexagonal shape, square or rectangular. These can then be placed in different leggings so that a great diversity of forms can be made. The colors are less diverse as the range of natural colors is limited. Think of white, cream, anthracite, gray and black. Custom made projects can also be realized with marble mosaic.

Short lines with the factory

We have a fine factory in Turkey where we have our mosaic made. Because we order a lot and we are well attuned to each other, the factory knows what our wishes are and so orders are delivered to all satisfaction. An additional advantage is that with these short lines we can keep the price very low, so a win win situation!

Super fast delivery, worldwide!

We have stock from the runners. This can be delivered anywhere in Europe within 2 days. But also products that are not in stock or custom-made products are usually very fast to produce and deliver, so that projects never have to come to a standstill. For the right impression of the marble mosaic we sell, we recommend you visit one of our showrooms.

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