Zellige Atlas Petrol Hexagone

€ 104,50 per m2 incl VAT
0,74 per piece incl VAT

Product information

Zellige Atlas Petrol Hexagone is a handmade Moroccan wall tile 9.00x10.50 cm of Azule brand. It is a smooth tile with a particularly lively surface and beautiful color shades. Zelliges are intended as wall tile and are ideally suited for kitchens, toilets and bathrooms. We currently sell about 20 different colors from stock.


  • Category

    Moroccan wall tile

  • Type Zellige Atlas Petrol Hexagone
  • Dimensions 10,50 x 9,00 cm, 1,00 cm deep
  • Weight 17,00 kg per m2, 0,12 kg per piece
  • Suitable for Wall