Moroccan wall tile

Moroccan tiles

Moroccan tiles are popular and are experiencing a real advance. There are many different variants and forms available. In all Moroccan tiles, the handmade characteristics are clearly visible. At Cementtiles.com we sell Zelliges, Bejmat and Plattas. These tiles look similar because the same clay, pigment and glaze is used. Moroccan tiles have a lived appearance from the start and that makes them so special.

100% handmade

In Fes, Morocco, a special clay is won that only occurs there. Forms / tablets are made from this clay, which are dried in the sun. Then they are treated with a colored glaze and baked in olive kiln ovens. This gives Moroccan tiles their unmistakable colors and color nuances. The entire process is manual and traditional, like centuries ago.

Shapes and colors

The Zelliges are the best known species. They are square tiles of mostly 10x10 cm, the sides of which are cut off obliquely so that they can be placed tightly, without joints. Zelliges are only suitable for walls. The Bejmat is a thicker version of 14x4.5 cm. The Platta is slightly larger. The latter two types are also applied to floors since they are thicker.

The colors are really fantastic and vary considerably. Beautiful deep green tones, heavenly blue, stone red or pitch black. There are many colors available.

Direct from the producer

We often visit Morocco and have good relations with our factories. That is very important in Morocco. Not only because we can therefore offer the best price but also to guarantee the best quality.

Super fast delivery, worldwide!

Our products did not go unnoticed abroad and this created the necessary demand for a good logistics system where every customer could enjoy his order within the foreseeable future. Nowadays we deliver to virtually every conceivable country and we have fixed agreements with our logistics partners. Your order is guaranteed and delivered without damage! Visit one of our showrooms where you will get the best impression of what cement tiles can do with a room.


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