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Spanish Metro tiles

Spanish tiles, known as Azulejos are on the rise again and in particular the handmade varieties. These tiles have a lively 'manual' character. But also the subway tiles come from Spain and are usually tight and smooth. Spain is probably the largest tile country in the world and almost all types of tiles are available there, with the tile mecca Valencia where by far the most tiles are produced. At Design Tiles we focus on handmade wall tiles in vibrant colors.

Mostly handmade

In Spain they are a bit further than in Morocco, so the bare tablets, called biscuits, are often produced in large quantities. These are then hand-varnished and packed in boxes. We work with factories that even produce the biscuits themselves. Unfortunately, this results in a slightly higher price than in the hardware store, but the appearance does have the unique characteristics as we like to see the Spanish tiles.

Many sizes, shapes and colors

Spanish tiles are produced in many different sizes and shapes. With Design tiles you will find the familiar hand shapes of 10x10 cm, 7,5x15 cm, 13x13 cm and 7,5x30 cm. But also the so- called Laterna's that have an unmistakable Mediterranean shape. In terms of colors there is a lot of choice, around 100 different shades are present in our showroom. With Spanish tiles we also have different finishes such as mat, facet, glossy or crackelee. Our Spanish tiles are mainly used as wall tiles in kitchens, bathrooms and toilets, but also for catering establishments such as hotels, bars and restaurants.

Our factories are like family!

To produce a tile that is entirely to our liking, it is important to know the production process. This is only possible if you are present in the factory and you get to know people well. If you can convey what is important to you then the best products are made. Our relationship with the Spanish factories is therefore very good and warm. As a result, we are always able to get to the market with innovative tile products and we can supply our business customers with custom-made tiles!

Super fast delivery, worldwide!

Our products are often in stock, but also due to the fast production time and fast delivery between Spain and the Netherlands, we can always provide our customers with their order within the foreseeable future. And that is not only in the Netherlands, we ship worldwide, guaranteed damage free! Visit one of our showrooms where you get the best impression of what Spanish can do with a room.

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