Ceramic Metal look tiles

Cementtiles.com sells ceramic tiles in the Concrete look, Wood look and Metal look categories. These tiles are baked and very hard and therefore ideal for various purposes. Covering living rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, halls, catering establishments, offices etc. The special feature of our ceramic tiles is that a large number of variants can also be delivered in sizes up to 3.2x1.6 meters! Ceramic floor tiles are easy to install, low maintenance and durable.

Concrete look

Concrete, a great and versatile product. Concrete is completely hip for floors. Unfortunately it is not always possible to fill your house with concrete. A nice solution is concrete look tiles. These tiles come in different and often large sizes and in beautiful color nuances. Concrete look tiles are easy to install and are low maintenance. You don’t have to impregnate them and you can simply clean them with an all-purpose cleaner. We sell concrete look tiles in large sizes up to 3.2x1.6 meters! Come and admire them in our showroom.

Wood look tiles

Wood, a beautiful nature product that shows warmth. A wooden floor is still the most laid floor type in our houses, it is available in many different colors and shapes and it fits into any interior. Yet a wooden floor also has some disadvantages. It scratches quickly, you have to maintain it well and there are not always underfloor heating possibilities. A nice solution are wood-look tiles. Nowadays technology is so advanced that the wood-look tiles can not be distinguished from real wood. These tiles offer a lot of advantages; they are low- maintenance, come in many color variants and in a few different sizes. Wood look tiles are very practical to use, durable and easy to install. We have a new line with wood-look tiles that are worth admiring, so come and see them in our showroom!

Metallook tiles

Metal look tiles are ceramic tiles with a top layer that have the appearance of metal. There are different types available such as sheet steel, Corten steel, zinc or a dark iron look. Various finishes are also possible, such as with structure or mat finish. These tiles can hardly be distinguished from real steel, each tile is different in pattern. What is really special about these tiles is that they are available in huge sizes, up to 160x320 cm! This makes them ideal for large walls and floors in office or catering establishments. But of course just in the house as a bathroom or kitchen tile. To get a correct impression of this beautiful new collection, we advise you to visit our showroom and view the tiles in real life!

Sizes and shapes

Our ceramic floor tiles are often available in large sizes. From 50x50 cm and larger. There are also rectangular shapes such as 30x60cm or 15x120 cm. In our showrooms and on our website we have put out the current offer for you, but there are many more sizes to order. For a good overview of all sizes, colors and finishes we advise you to visit one of our showrooms.

Prices and delivery times

The prices are very favorable, especially for the large formats this is unique. This is because we buy directly from our factory and do not need to pay any middlemen. We deliver from stock throughout Europe or even beyond if desired.