Azule Tile soap 1 liter
Art.nr: 01300300448, Type: Other,

  • No. 1 cleaning agent for cement tiles

    specially developed for maintenance and cleaning

  • Suitable for cement tiles

    Specially developed for cement tiles

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15,00 per piece
Azule Tile Soap is a high quality, highly concentrated cleaner with a gloss component. Tile Soap is slightly alkaline and does not contain any washing or dissolving agents. Tile Soap is mild to the skin, slightly foaming, smells fresh and is economical. Tile Soap leaves an anti- static, dirt resistant, satin film.

Category Cleaning agents
Weight 1,00 kg per m2, 1,00 kg per piece
Suitable for Other
Suitable for Cementtile
Material Maintenance product
Process Regular maintenance
Area Inside, Outside
Surface For 25 clean-ups
Finish Colorless

Order and delivery options:

We deliver world wide. If you want to know the costs of the transportation contact us by email with your home address.
We have to confirm the price with the transport company and get back with a quote for you.

The transport costs outside the Netherlands starts from € 60, -
Sample orders (up to 4 tiles) will be send by DHL, and are also different in each country.
Order the samples and we will calculate the costs for you.

Read all about our ordering information here.

Using cleaning agents:

These cleaning agents are specially developed for our cement tiles (pattern tiles.)
Because the cement tile must be treated as a natural stone product, these products are acid-free. A cleaning product is available for each stain.

Do you have a question about a specific spot? Please contact us and we will advise you on the means you should use.

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