VN Egal Rosso S840 dimensions 20x20 x1.6

€ 69,50 per m2
2,78 per piece
Colors used

Product information

VN Egal Rosso S840

VN Egal Rosso S840 is a handmade Portuguese cement tile 20.00x20.00 cm of Azule brand. It concerns a smooth tile that can also be used if alignment of a motif. This tile can be used as wall tile and floor tile. The colors can be adapted as desired. Ask us about the possibilities. Please note that cement tiles are porous and must always be impregnated.


  • Category Cement tile
  • Type smooth tile
  • Dimensions 20,00 x 20,00 cm, 1,60 cm deep
  • Weight 34,00 kg per m2, 1,36 kg per piece
  • Suitable for Wall & Floor
  • Colors