Budget tiles

Budget Design Tiles

Cementtiles.com introduces Budget Design tiles. These are ceramic wall tiles at an unbelievably low price. Our factories regularly produce a little too much and are left with a surplus, so you profit from that!

Ideal as a bathroom tile and kitchen tile

The budget line is ideal for kitchens, utility rooms, bathrooms and toilets! But also, for example, a washing kitchen or catering facilities. They are very easy to process and give a neat and modern look to every room. They do not have to be impregnated, just place with tile glue, add grout and ready!

Different sizes

Our budget tiles are available in different sizes, so there is always something for you! Rectangular, square, matt or glossy. They are very common models with a neutral appearance that fit well with other tiles in our range, but also with wooden floors or epoxy floors.


Several shipments arrive every month. It is therefore not always possible to order extra tiles. Make sure you order enough tiles. Budget Design tiles cannot be returned.