New colours, new shapes, new collections! At Design Tiles we are always looking for new tiles. Besides that we like to follow the trend, we also like to make our own designs and to be different from the rest. Do you still miss something in our collection? We'd love to hear it.

nieuwe collectie Marocca tegels    nieuwe collectie diamond

Moroccan cementtiles                                                             Cementtiles in Diamond shape
Watch all colors                                                                       Watch all patterns



nieuwe tegels cena    nieuwe collectie cima

Cementtiles Cena                                                                  Cementtiles Cima
Watch all colors                                                                     Watch all colors




Nieuwe collectie fishscale   nieuwe collectie marmer diamond

Cementtiles in Fishscale shape                                             Marble Mosaic Diamond
Watch all colors                                                                      Watch all colors