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Cementtiles.com, part of the Azule Company, believes it is important to carefully deal with your personal data. Therefore, they deposited the used by its privacy policy in this privacy statement . Obviously Cementtiles.com adheres to the processing of your data to the requirements of the Data Protection Act and later the Data Protection Act set .(GDPR)

Your information will be included in the Cementtiles.com database, the records of customers and visitors , users Cementtiles.com .

Your data when requesting information and quotes and in the provision of goods

Your data is needed to include it on your request requesting information , submitting bids by their members Cementtiles.com dealers and partners , offering goods and services and handling resulting transactions .
These include informing , buying, selling, ordering and delivering to the tile industry related goods and services Cementtiles.com and individuals and companies, dealers and financial institutions and other parties that mediates Cementtiles.com . But the negotiation of any subsequent transactions or requests arising from past services is below .

The data on the site Cementtiles.com leave under the above mentioned activities will be included in the Cementtiles.com database. Depending on your activities and choices provided Cementtiles.com your data also with Cementtiles.com cooperating parties so that they can handle your request.

The provider adheres to the WetPersoons registrations . This means among other things that the provider eligible registrations log on to the Registration Board .

The provider shall specify why he registers the information of consumers.
The provider asks the consumer to authorize the sending of addressed advertising material.
The provider sends the consumer only addressed advertising material if the consumer has expressly consented . The provider offers consumers the ability to stop . The sending of information ( electronic or otherwise ) advertising at any time The provider shall specify the recovery procedure or the transmitted advertisement . The provider makes clear where and how the consumer can see the data recorded by him and if desired can correct or remove .

Cementtiles.com is your shop and also wholesale . In order to fulfill properly the role of wholesaler in some situations there is feedback place to Cementtiles.com , of activities undertaken by producers and partners regarding Cementtiles.com customers .

Using your data Cementtiles.com optimizes its services .

Click Behavior
On the website of Cementtiles.com be general usage data , such as the most visited page \ ‘ s . The aim is to optimize . The layout of the website for you The data can also be used for more specific information and offers on the site to set up for you. In this way Cementtiles.com further optimize its services to you

Cementtiles.com gives a monthly newsletter . It contains the latest news on tile field , the updates of the site Cementtiles.com and actions .
In addition , customers receive an update of container / booking / order status through the newsletter . We advise every client with a reservation for more than one week in the future is planned to be the newsletter to be informed about changes , status updates . Automatically notified as member

Cementtiles.com keeps you informed
Cementtiles.com processes your details thereof to you , if you wish , to send and services of interest to you Cementtiles.com of goods , information from its member dealers / producers , its partners or other third parties carefully selected by her . Because Cementtiles.com on the basis of your data know what interests you, they can tune in to your own need this information as much as possible .
Cementtiles.com send unsolicited commercial mailings or letters if you do not want .

If you do not want Cementtiles.com process your data for these purposes , you can indicate this by a write to the address below . Cementtiles.com invites you to attend your relationship and / or job number to mention .

Attn Customer service
Californiedreef 36
3565 BM Utrecht (The Netherlands)

The infrastructure and program’s the Cementtiles.com site are designed and protected as tamper-proof . No information about customers and visitors

Many goods and services offered through the site Cementtiles.com ( will ) are still under development. In view of this it is possible that this privacy statement from time to time amended . Therefore regularly check the privacy statement for an update to the privacy policy of Cementtiles.com . Will you continue after entering the changes use the services of Cementtiles.com , you accept the modified thus privacy policy.

If you have questions or comments about our privacy policy , please send them to :
Customers of www.Cementtiles.com can reach us under the following address or telephone number :

Attn Customer service
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3565 BM Utrecht (The Netherlands)
T +31 ( 0 ) 85 3001111

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