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Portuguese tiles

Portuguese tiles, also called cement tiles are handmade tiles based on cement and pigments, suitable for floor and wall. At cementtiles.com you will find hundreds of different patterns in many different colors. The origin of the original cement tiles lies in North Africa / Morocco. That is why these tiles are often also called Moroccan tiles. Nowadays they often come from Vietnam where they know how to make the best quality cement tiles. Our Portuguese tiles are suitable for all areas such as bathrooms, kitchens, halls and toilets. They have, among other things, an anti-slip group certificate R10-R11. All technical specifications can be found here.


Our cement tiles are still made in the traditional way. That means that they are completely and individually made by hand. This unique process gives the tiles a distinctive appearance and vibrant color nuances. No tile is the same and that just gives the character to this type of tile. View the production process that shows clearly that Portuguese tiles are no standard tiles.


Portuguese cement tiles are porous and must be treated with an impregnation agent to make them resistant to stains and dirt. On this website, in our showrooms, but also during a quote request is clearly explained how this works so that you can enjoy a floor for life! If you maintain the tiles neatly, they will remain beautiful. All in all, a cement tile can be described as both durable and user-friendly.

Many sizes, shapes and colors

Cement tiles are produced in various sizes and shapes. Nowadays we see the size 20x20 cm most in our collection. But also 14x14 cm is a familiar size that dates from the last century. In terms of shape, a square is the most commonly used, but drop shapes, diamonds and rectangles are also common. Cementtiles.com opts for cheerful hip colors that fit into contemporary interiors. Our color palette counts about 80 colors, mostly pastel shades, made from organic pigments.

Own production so best price

If you can make your own cement tiles and sell them directly, the costs can be reduced. This was our first idea in 2005, just before our company was founded. Of course we offer well-known Portuguese patterns that you can also find in countries such as Portugal and Spain. At the same time we design many patterns ourselves and spend a lot of time on colors and quality. We are therefore very proud of our own collections. Our stock is substantial. With an average of 15,000 square meters of cement tiles in stock, we are one of the largest suppliers in this market.

Super fast delivery, worldwide!

Our products did not go unnoticed abroad and this created the necessary demand for a good logistics system where every customer could enjoy his order within the foreseeable future. Nowadays we deliver to virtually every conceivable country and we have fixed agreements with our logistics partners. Your order is guaranteed and delivered without damage!

Visit one of our showrooms where you will get the best impression of what cement tiles can do with a room.

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