In addition to durability, the cement tiles are known for its patterns. Some patterns are very old and well known, you often encounter them in old houses, castles or factories. These classic patterns are constantly being redesigned and reproduced. These authentic tiles are perfect in old house that needs to be renovated.

Don"t you have an old house but are you looking for a known pattern? What did you think of the Escher pattern? Known for its graphic shapes and the game of perspective. Here too we have a collection of different colors and patterns. It is very special to place these in a large space and to change the perspective.

escher vloer

In addition to old patterns, we are also constantly looking for new patterns. These may already exist or we will make them ourselves. My colleague Mart is working on new patterns every day in different colors. The inspiration can come from an authentic pattern or from a graphic pattern. Because one tile does not always consist out of one pattern, it may also occur that 4 tiles make a pattern, you do not always have to work completely symmetrically. This can provide a very playful effect but you need to find the balance between busy and playful, which is not always easy. This has not been done much with cement tiles, so Cementtiles.com loves to experimenting with this.

nieuw patroon

Did you know that every tile in the factory in Vietnam is handmade? Each new pattern is measured in a 20x20 mold. Then, the lead is heated and bent by hand until the correct pattern is created. Then they can pour the colors in every frame and bit by bit the tile appear. After the pour they press and the tile.

kleuren voor mal

If you look around you'll see a lot of patterns or prints with familiar designs. Think of your tea towels, duvet covers, curtains, crockery or wallpaper. 

grafisch behang

Today, the tile style is a little more experimental, not only with the pattern but also with the tile. The hexagone is a good example of it, you see them all over the world and Cementtiles.com has a special collection for it. These hexagon tiles are especially good with graphical patterns, which results in a double graphical effect! In addition, color can make a very big difference, a particular tile can work with only 2 colors while another has 8.

tranca collectie

Customers often find it hard to see a pattern as a whole. Too busy, too colorful or too graphic. It is of course the intention that the tiles stay in your interior for a while. As a result, customers quickly choose the familiar authentic pattern, as it is known and safe. If you find this difficult, look at wallpaper. Here are some busy prints on the wall and yet many people have these on the wall. I even think that wallpaper is more present than a tile floor. Because a floor is horizontal and with sufficient sunlight, the pattern decreases, but on the wall, the pattern is just extra.