Open Day Designtegels Breda 14 may 2017

Open Day Designtegels Breda 14 may 2017


Finally, we've organised our first Open Day in the history of Cementtiles.com! The showroom in Breda was completely transformed into a colorfull, fun space full of music and delicious snacks. In each room there were activities for everyone. Making a Mother's Day tile for the little ones, impregnate your own tile, glueing tiles to a flowerpot, fortune of hapiness, patchwork container and high discounts. Off course with some tasty food and cheerfull music! The event was a great success!

workshop onderzetters maken op de open dag

Everyone who came to the open day could participate to our workshops. One of them was impregnating a tile, for a base. As soon as you impregnate the tile you can use it to set up a vase or pan for example. Impregnating with our own produce, Azule Tile Sealant, Azule Color Instensifier or Azule Tile Oil. It's very easy to do with our own made impregnation pad.

Workshop tegelzetten open dag

There was also the possibility of making and learning to plaster a large planter with tiles. Our handy colleague Krien saw the 20x20 cement tiles into 5x5 to create a happy and playful pattern. Customers were allowed to paste the mosaic tiles on the flower pot using tile glue and tile crosses.



A big success is our patchwork container! We organize days where we offer our tiles with color differences or out of collection for cheap. All these tiles are in a container and you can pick your own patchwork. On the Open Day, it was again a real success and a lot of tiles were sold.

kinderhoek en plan je vloer

Daarnaast was er natuurlijk ook van alles te beleven voor de kids. Naast popcorn en Ranja kon je je ook laten schminken en mocht je je eigen moedertegel maken. Een collega Peggy was beschikbaar voor een vloerplan, als je natuurlijk je de maten had meegenomen!

team en overzicht open dag

As you can see, Open Day 2017 was very successful and we were very pleased with the outcome! That's why we say "Cheers", the Breda team.