Je muur betegelen met Zelliges? Dat doe je zo!

Je muur betegelen met Zelliges? Dat doe je zo!


Do you want to tile your kitchen, bathroom, toilet or hall with Zelliges? Not sure whether you can do this yourself or you should hire a tiler? Read how it works and decide for yourself.

What do you need:

- Zelliges, - Glue, - Add, - tile knobs, - Primer, - tile cutter, - glue, - bucket, -sponge, - lint-free cloth, - Cement scum remover.

- Zelliges , - Glue, - Groud, - Tile crosses, - Primer, - Tile cutter, - Glue comb, - Bucket - Sponge, - Cloth, - Grout Stain Remover

Start with the preparation:

  • Have you made a choise out of our collection of Zellige tiles? Make sure you take 10% extra for cutting loss, then you definitely have enough tiles. 
  • Zelliges don't need a post-treatment, so that's easy. If your order your tile we always add the products such as glue, groud. Let us know if you need something, then we adjust the quotation.
  • These tiles are handmade and colored. This means that there can be a color difference between the tiles per box, or even in the box itself. So, we recomend to remove the tiles from the boxes before laying, so you mix the colors for the natural effect.
  • You need a tile cutter, to cut the tile to the right size


zelliges in doos



  • Make sure the wall is smooth and does not absorb any moisture. Is it a new plasterboard or has recently been plastered? Then we recommend to first primer the wall, this ensures that the wall doesn't absorb the moisture from the glue.
  • Measure the space where you will place the tiles, it works the best if you work from the center. That way you to cut / saw the least.

Daar gaan we dan:

  • Voordat je de tegels tegen de muur gaan plaatsen moet je ze altijd in een emmer met water vol laten zuigen. De klei waarvan de tegels gemaakt zijn is zo droog dat anders al het vocht uit de lijm wordt getrokken. Laat ze 30 tot 60 seconden onder water en laat ze daarna uitlekken op een handdoek.
  • Zelliges hoef je niet te lijmen maar kan je plakken, dit betekent dat je alleen lijm op de muur hoeft te smeren. Zo blijven ze plakken.
  • Deze handgemaakte tegeltjes zullen allemaal van elkaar verschillen. Je kunt ze dus op het oog plakken, met een muur of latje als richtlijn. 
  • Zorg dat je een plankje hout of iets plats hebt waarmee je de Zellige met meerdere tegelijk aan kan drukken, dit zorgt dat ze wat vlakker worden. 
  • Zaag of snijd de Zelliges in de gewenste maten, pak hiervoor de mindere tegels in de doos met een putje of kapot glazuur.
  • En plakken maar!

Let's get started:

  • Before you place the tiles to the wall always immerse them in a bucket full of water. The clay from the tiles is so dry that otherwise all the moisture is pulled out of the glue. Leave them under water for 30 to 60 seconds and then drain them on a towel.
  • You can stick the Zelliges to the wall, this means that you only have to apply glue to the wall. It isn't necessary to add glue on the tile.
  • These handmade tiles all have a different finish. So you can place them manually.
  • With a sheet of wood you can press the Zelliges several at once, this makes them evenly flat.
  • And stick!


zelliges in badkamer



  • Is the glue dry? (usually it takes 24 hours, depending on the thickness) Then you can add the grout between the tiles. You can choose not to do this, we recommend this in the bathroom and kitchen because of the moisture and easier cleaning.
  • As soon as the grout begins to dry (within half an hour), remove the grout that has been deposited on the tiles with a dry cloth.


zelliges in keuken


That was it. Are you going to do it yourself? If you have any questions, mail or call us. And we are always very curious about the result, so send a photo to Fieke@designtegels.nl and let us know how your Zellige - Glue - experience was.