Impregnationpad: The new best way!

Impregnationpad: The new best way!


Even after so many years we are making new discoveries! We've been impregnating the cement tiles with a paint roller for many years now. It works fine but it also has a lot of disadvantages. Pressing harder and softer with a roller can give lines on the floor. Also, it's hard to get a smooth surface of the impregnating product. Well .. meet our new and latest innovation of Azule, the Impregnationpad! 

This pad is super easy to use and thanks to our extra pads, it is also reusable! Suitable for Azule Tile Sealant, Azule Tile Oil and Azule Color intensifier.

This pad releases the impregnating product smootly to the surface. Never too much or too little but just enough of the impregnation product on your tiles.
Do you want to use these pad? Cementtiles.com adds the pad to all of the quotes.

The impregnation path is also available in our stores!