Do it yourself- tiling!

Do it yourself- tiling!


The sun is shining, the summer is almost here. Great time to start with the garden and finish off the terrace! I wanted some comfort, cosyness and color. We've unpacked the lounge set, but we've missed a little table, but i coudn't find anything i liked in the stores. That's why I made a side table with the colorful Azule cement tiles.

"Through the floor planner on cementtiles.com I selected the desired pattern, then searched for the required place and treatment products and I get started. We've mounted two pallets on each other and fitted with wheels. He had also made the frame for the tiles, so it was ready for me to tile.

alternatieve wijze om te lijmen

We had glue that had to be made with water. However, a starting DIY as I do not have the right materials and then you become creative ... The glue can easily be mixed with a hand mixer! (Clean thoroughly after use so that the cupcakes do not get a strange taste) "

Then the glue must be spread evenly with a glue comb. Oh no, that glue comb .... Oops, we don't have that at home. Again, some creativity was applied and the glue could easily be placed with a leaf rake!

To maintain the distance between the tiles you use tile crosses. Our table was just a bit longer and wider so we used wooden slats.


tegelkruisjes alternatief

After the glue was dried I impregnated the tiles with Azule Tile sealant. Most tiles had enough after 2 layers, but in some I added an extra layer.

The tile adhesive was also made by my hand mixer and applied with a gardener shovel and divided with a joint rubber (i don't know where that came from :D). After the tile adhesive, I've cleaned the tiles and finally provided with tile oil.

het voegen van de cementtegels

For impregnation I've used the impregnation path of Cementtiles.com, it's was very easy! The impregnating product could be evenly divided, and i didn't waste anything.

het impregneren van de tegels

I have read that cement tiles are sensitive to staining. Therefore, I was careful about drinking glasses. However, if the tiles are impregnated correctly, you don't have to worry about it. The coffee i've spilled went off very easy.

klaar, het resultaat

Now we only have to put the slats on the side and we've made a lovely side table for this summer!