Big Clean Up!

Big Clean Up!


Cementtiles are handmade tiles made out of color- and cementpowder.  This makes them somewhat porous and that is also the reason why you must impregnate them. Despite the powerfull products from Azule we have developed for this, there is always a risk that acids, juices or strong filth will penetrates into the tile.

An example was this customer with a outside terras decorated with the Rosso 01 tile.
During the renovation of there home the builder saw the wooden floor on the deck. Under all the wast and dust the juices of the wood had penetrate into the tiles, what resulted in a dirty brown tile.

vieze tegel opschuren

If a cementtile become filthy, by day to day use or by spilling, the impregnate causes this to stop. You can clean the floor with Azule Tile Soap or just green soap. But if the stain is a assid it will penetrate trough the impregnation layer of the tile and can even stain the colorlayer of the tile. We always advise to directly sand the tile with a light grain. Then you will sand the impregnation layer off, but you won't touch the color layer. If you are on time the stain will be gone and you won't notice it anymore. 

We also give this advise to the customer with the outside terras. Sanding the tiles and making it wet with Azule Degreaser at the same time makes the dirt come out of the tile. After a good scrub the floor looks like new again!

impregneermiddel voor de cementtegel

After the dirt has been removed from the tile, you have also removed the impregnate. It's very imported that you impregnate the tiles again! We have different product for this, depending on the space you work in. For this outside terras you use Azule Tile Sealant, you can bring this on with the Azule Impregnation Pad specially made for these tiles. 

rosso 01 weer helemaal schoongemaakt


After done this 2 times the floor looks clean and fresh again!